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The Chiostro delle Clarisse [Clarisse Cloisters] presents the ESSERI URBANI 2021 HETEROTOPIA Festival: an open-air exhibition – inclusive and accessible 24 hours – in the historic centre of Noci.

This evocative setting gives us a foretaste of the dialogue between past and present interspersed throughout the exhibition. The cloisters are the reception, start and culmination of the exhibition, introducing us to the theme of the Festival and to the ten artistic exhibits that illustrate it. 

In the old narrow streets, the exhibits create “counter-spaces” suspended between reality and utopia. The unexpected coming together of art, architecture and landscape reconstructs these places with the sensations of those who frequent it, opening fantastical doors leading to parallel and invisible worlds.

So here, in the former convent of the Monache di Santa Chiara [Nuns of Santa Chiara] – a seventeenth century building extensively renovated at the beginning of the twentieth century to build the then new town hall – the Bosconia inverted forest now grows. It was designed by pinoINCREDIX and installed thanks to the contribution of the Navita company as part of a workshop project involving young people from the Gallo-Positano Comprehensive Institute, Pascoli Cappuccini Comprehensive Institute, Polyvalent Open Centre and MurgiAmbiente Aula Verde and refugees of SAI La nuova dimora project.

PinoINCREDIX is a designer and artisan who lives and works in the Itria Valley. He designs and develops a wide variety of objects in his workshop – seating, lighting systems, furnishings – but also scenery and environment installations. His activities lend themselves naturally to teamwork; in fact, he has undertaken numerous projects with other workshops, as well as collaboration and participation in exhibitions and competitions. In wishing to experiment with different materials, including those he salvages, pinoINCREDIX creates imagery steeped in the colours of this land, starting from the manipulation of his primary elements.

With the use of twigs, flowers, blades of grass, stones, wood and wire mesh, Bosconia is part of the wide-ranging production of the so-called Naturifici: installations that transform the plant and mineral kingdom into prime matter that can reshape space, creating microsystems in the balance between nature and artifice. Over our heads, like custodians of a natural environment constantly threated by human beings, the Naturifici unfurl in the air and invade architectural elements, often also committing their important message to the light.

In the magical atmosphere of Bosconia, before or after the exhibition, the Nuns of Santa Chiara may even be glimpsed who, up to the middle of the nineteenth century, frequented this same portico.